Websites for local buisnesses, hosted locally, by a local.

Comming Soon

Look, if you were going to make your own website, you would have done it already. Facebook is a good start, but it's not enough. You need a place that's easy to find, and answers the most common questions new customers need to know about your buisness. The basics: Who you are; What you do; Where you are; When you're open; How to contact you. After years of being continually frustreated trying to find accurate answers to these simple questions when researching local small buisnesses, I decided to help. builds websties to help customers find your buisness. I live in Klamath Falls year round, and I'm interested in building websites for all small buisneses in southern oregon. Patnet isn't quite ready for buisness yet, I'm planning on "going live" in early October, 2019. There are already 5 customers signed up, and I'd love to make you number 6! Contact 24/7 with any questions.

All websties include: